A promotion showcasing the return of original character Jill Richardson to the 2001 series of episodes.
Christmas 2002 and a new family is ready to take over the Crossroads Hotel - the Samsons have arrived.
A cast photo session for the revamped Crossroads of 2003.
Group Pictures
The very first Crossroads photograph taken in October 1964 at ATV’s HQ in Birmingham.
A launch promotional photograph of the ‘Richardson family’. 1964.
Cast photograph to mark 250 episodes of Kings Oak drama.
It’s a celebration for the 1000th episode and New Years Eve 1968.
Cast and crew celebrate five years of Crossroads in 1969. The photograph was taken on the roof of Bradford House, Bradford Street used for rehearsals.
Another cast gathering to mark the 5th anniversary of the Midland motel.
1971 sees the Crossroads cast and crew mark 1500 episodes of the serial.
Christmas 1972 sees the motel regulars clowning around.
1972, Crossroads celebrates a ratings boost now all ITV regions show the saga. The series dominated the top 10 IBA ratings for the next decade.
Sir Lew Grade and his wife, is joined by PM Harold Wilson and the Crossroads cast and crew on the motel set.
Harold Wilson, Jean Morton, John Bentley and Sir Lew Grade have a laugh in the Crossroads studio.
In 1974 Crossroads marked the arrival of the first regular black family on a British serial, with the Jameson’s moving to Kings Oak.
A cast photo at the Château Impney Hotel in 1975 following the recording of Meg and Hugh’s wedding reception.
1975 saw Hugh Mortimer become part of the main motel family, following his marriage to Meg.
Christmas 1976 brings this festive promotion with Meg and Hugh Mortimer joined by motel manager and director David Hunter.
A 1977 cast photo shoot, part of a merchandising session which would ultimately lead to the release of a board game and jigsaw puzzles.
The photograph taken in 1977 which was eventually used as the main image on the Crossroads Motel Board Game.
A photo shoot with the cast marking the 3000th episode of Crossroads.
A photo shoot with the cast for the release of the Tony Hatch theme tune on Pye Records.
A celebration for the 500th episode in 1966.
A Christmas promotional photograph, used on the front of the regional TV World magazine, 1966.
The cast celebrate the 3000th episode at the Château Impney Hotel, near Birmingham, in 1978.
Christmas 1978 promotional cast picture, including the newly arrived Adam Chance. Regulars include Ted and Tish Hope, Diane Parker and Archie Gibbs.
Crossroads’ main stars gather in the motel office set for a photograph session. Images from this shoot are the ones often used to illustrate Crossroads in the press.
Christmas 1980. The last festive season with the ‘original Crossroads family’ all together.
The new-look Crossroads Motel was unleashed on viewers in spring 1982.
The cast in 1983, including Sid and Mavis Hooper, Benny Hawkins, Paul Ross, Sharon Metcalfe and David and Barbara Hunter.
1984 and the Crossroads cast and crew celebrate the dual celebration of 4000 episodes and 20 years on air.
Crossroads regulars Jane Rossington, Tony Adams, Sue Lloyd and Ronald Allen are joined by Head of Drama Ted Childs at the 20th anniversary celebration.
The lead cast celebrate Crossroads’ 21st anniversary a year later. A host of new characters have joined the show in the past twelve months.
The cast gather in the Central Television restaurant in Birmingham to celebrate the 21st anniversary. The event was recorded for an anniversary documentary.
Another cake, another photo-call for the 21st anniversary at the Central TV studios in Birmingham in November 1985.
Christmas 1986 sees more cast changes for the series.
The last Christmas cast photo call for December 1987 as the original series draws near to its farewell.
The final studio recording, with the ‘wrap photograph’ of the last cast and crew of Crossroads. December 1987.
The Russell and the Booth families were the leads in the revival of Crossroads in March 2001.