Episodic Photography
Back to the start, devoted sisters Meg Richardson (Noele Gordon) and Kitty Jarvis (Beryl Johnstone) in the Jarvis’ backroom.
Thomas Darby has a rare moment of humour with cleaner Mrs Tardebigge.
Diane Parker (Susan Hanson), Amy Turtle (Ann George) and Vera Downend (Zeph Gladstone) discuss the latest motel goings on.
Early days at The Jarvis’ General Store. Dick (Brian Kent) takes an urgent call while Brian (David Fennell) and Ruth Bailey (Pamela Greenall) watch on.
After David Hunter’s (Ronald Allen) marriage ended he had a long relationship with journalist Angela Kelly (Justine Lord).
Sid Hooper (Stan Stennett) and Ivy Meacher (Stella Moray) finally found happiness together in Kings Oak.
Jane Smith (Sally Adcock) checks the reception registar with assistant manager Sandy Richardson (Roger Tonge) in 1973.
Another moment of domestic woe for the Harvey family as Sheila (Sonia Fox), Wilf (Morris Parsons), Stan (Ed Clayton) and Jill (Jane Rossington) talk over the issues.
Bemusement all round over at the farm as Ed Lawton (Thomas Heathcote) and niece Diane Parker (Susan Hanson) ponder another dilemma.
The wedding that brought Birmingham to a standstill; Hugh Mortimer (John Bentley) marries Meg Richardson (Noele Gordon) in 1975.
It was 1980 when David Hunter (Ronald Allen) finally settled down with Barbara Brady (Sue Lloyd).
Womaniser Adam Chance (Tony Adams) wooed Jill Harvey (Jane Rossington) into marriage in 1983 despite his wayward ways.
The motel staff are to head off on a working holiday to Tunisia where they will help launch the Desert Coral Hotel.
Jill (Jane Rossington) and Stan (Ed Clayton) ‘adopt’ Susan Harvey (Karen Furze) after Sheila (Sonia Fox) struggles with motherhood.
Chef Cynthia Cunningham (Jean Bayless) has a dilemma to discuss with vicar’s wife Marilyn Hope (Nadine Hanwell).
Leisure Centre issues for Lorraine Baker (Dorothy Brown) and Daniel Freeman (Philip Goodhew)
Doris Luke (Kathy Staff) offers a hand to new post office family Harry (Sion Probert) and Eira Turvey (Myfanwy Talog) in 1979.
Andy (Ian Patterson) and Ruth Frazer (Pamela Greenall) move on from the local supermarket to running the local Heathbury Travel Agency.
Jill (Jane Rossington) is having baby-blues following the return of ‘borrowed baby’ Susan back to mother Sheila (Sonia Fox). Hubby Stan (Ed Clayton) is disinterested.
Issues for the Crossroads Hair salon with Meg (Noele Gordon) Vera Downend (Zeph Gladstone).
Priorities of a schoolboy; Sandy (Roger Tonge) enjoys his evening meal courtesy of Vi Blundell (Peggy Aitchison).
Benny Hawkins (Paul Henry) makes a new pal in Diane’s landlord Leo Dolman (Ken Parry).
All action in the reception, in 1973, for Amy (Ann George), Don (Albert Shepherd), Cynthia (Jean Bayless) and Sandy (Roger Tonge).
Business matters are discussed in the Crossroads garage with Frank Walton (Sam Kidd), Jim Baines (John Forgeham) and Stan Harvey (Ed Clayton).
John King makes a move on old flame Janice Jarvis (Carolyn Lister) John is later accidentally killed by jealous hubby Brian Jarvis (David Fennell).
Sam Carne (Jack Woolgar) and his dog Betty, get a warm welcome from Mary Peter (Penelope Shaw).
David Hunter (Ronald Allen) has new business ideas for the motel, Meg Mortimer (Noele Gordon) isn’t so convinced by them.
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Happy times as Jill (Jane Rossington) brings daughter Sarah Jane Harvey (Sorrell Dunger) to meet the family Sandy (Roger Tonge) and Meg (Noele Gordon).
Charlie Forward visits daughter Sandra Gould in hospital following a serious accident. Despite suggestions she may never walk again, she struggled back to fitness.
Meg Richardson (Noele Gordon) is wooed by businessman Hugh Mortimer (John Bentley) in 1965.