Behind The Scenes Imagery
The first Crossroads director Alan Coleman in his days as a cameraman on ATV’s live daily magazine series Lunchbox.
The crew of the 1985 documentary ‘Crossroads Revisited’ record a scene at Noele Gordon’s grave in Ross On Wye.
A scene with Susan Hanson in 1974 in a café set. Having had son Nicky kidnapped Diane goes off the rails, eventually running away to Oxford.
The cast collect their fan mail in the Aston Studios mailroom back in 1966. Featuring Roger Tonge, Wendy Padbury, Noele Gordon and Anthony Morton.
Another photograph capturing the scene in a café set during the final technical rehearsal run.
Crew prepare the Harvey household set while Gretchen Franklyn (Myrtle) and Morris Parsons (Wilf) watch on.
David Lawton as Bernard, Susan Hanson as Diane and Cleo Sylvestre as Melanie in a chalet scene. 1970.
Meg (Noele Gordon) makes an entrance in this 1970 episode.
The motel kitchen is full of busy in this 1972 photograph. Cast include David Lawton as Bernard, Ann George as Amy and John Hamill as Dave.
The crew talk about Aston Villa’s latest result while Ronald Allen and Susan Hanson perform on the set of the reception. Note Golden Shot signage is visible.
Ann George as Amy, Jo Richardson as Rita and Susan Hanson as Diane await their turn in the ‘as live’ episode recording in 1973.
A floor manager tries to oversee the chaos of recording as live in this 1977 moment. Roger Tonge as Sandy awaits his cue.
Cast including Cleo Sylvestre as Melanie, Susan Hanson as Diane, Diane Keen as Sandra, Carl Wayne as Colin and Ann George as Amy during a studio rehearsal.
Noele Gordon as Meg takes another phone call at her bureau in the motel sitting room.
Producer Reg Watson (far right) oversees rehearsals at the Bradford Street rehearsal rooms. (Bradford House). Cast include David Fennell as Brian.
Another crisis for the Harvey family as Sheila, played by Sonia Fox, talks over an issue with father Wilf, played by Morris Parsons.
Vincent Ball as Kevin, Elisabeth Croft as Edith, Peter Brooks as Vince and Roger Tonge as Sandy during studio rehearsals.
Over at The Hope Chest Antique Shop Joy Andrews as Tish and Charles Stapley as Ted have another conversation about Gainsborough's Blue Boy.
Three photos from the same session now, November 1982 and Central take some publicity shots for Christmas publications.
The photographs feature Sue Lloyd as Barbara, Ronald Allen as David, Sandor Ellés as Paul and Jane Rossington as Jill.
A floor manager is seen to be giving direction in the staged shots, complete with Central camera and white Christmas tree.
Back now to ATV and 1970, a tricky dinner scene is carried out by three cameras and a floor manager.
October 1981, and ATV record scenes of the motel foyer burning down.
Noele Gordon gives Princess Alexandra a tour of the motel sets in 1970, as part of the official opening of the ATV Centre Studios in Birmingham.
A snap taken for Crossroads Revisited the 21st anniversary documentary on the saga from 1985. Pictured middle is Benny actor Paul Henry.
Tony Hatch and Sue Nicholls record ‘Where Will You Be’ and ‘Everyday’ for the Crossroads storylines. Sue played waitress Marilyn.
Noele Gordon with an ATV floor manager and director in 1966 in the second motel foyer set.
The fictional Caring for Carers charity is launched in the saga, Crossroads Caring for Carers would go on to be a real charity, which still runs today.
1965, director Alan Coleman runs through a scene with Noele Gordon as Meg and John Bentley as Hugh.
The cameras turn to the front room of Tish Hope (Joy Andrews) for a scene with Peter Boyes as Nick Van Doren.
1979 and a reception disagreement between Kathryn played by Margaret Robertson and father Lloyd played by Alan Gifford.
Sue Nicholls as Marilyn is given direction by Alan Coleman for this light aircraft scene in 1967.
Miss Crossroads 1985 is recorded on the patio of Penns Hall Hotel Sutton Coldfield.
A dress rehearsal in 1985 with Pamela Vazey as Kath and Susan Hanson as Diane.
And way back to 1972 for a dress rehearsal in the then reception set with cast including Albert Shepherd as Don.
Tony Adams as Adam and Gabrielle Drake as Nicola peform a scene in the motel office. The series is at this point no longer recorded ‘as live’.
Sally Adcock as Jane and Albert Shepherd as Don wait at the motel bar during a dress rehearsal.
A scene involving Carlos and his evil twin Georgio is recorded at a tyre factory on Bradford Street, Birmingham in 1966. Frank Harding is the cameraman.
Ronald Allen who played David and Noele Gordon who played Meg have a lark around during rehearsals in the studio.
Another three from the same studio set; first the empty sitting room structure is prepared for another episode.
In 1969 Noele Gordon as Meg is left bemused by a telephone call.
Forward to 1973 and Meg (Noele Gordon) has a conversation with waitress Jane Smith (Sally Adcock).
Some shots from the Bradford Street rehearsal rooms at Bradford House cast include Jean Bayless and Peter Brookes.
Ann George.
Noele Gordon in her dressing room at ATV Centre.
Jane Rossington.
Some ‘atmospheric’ photos taken of Noele Gordon in her dressing room at ATV Centre.